Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fancy Plans!

I mentioned in a previous post the support I received from customers as my last show.  It was very much appreciated, and needed.  Something happened (which I do not want to get into) that affected me personally and in my business.  My heart just wasn't in it anymore.

So all of the support I've received has lifted me up, and re-energized me.  I'm ready to "get out there" and give this another go.

I've got some new fancy plans to go with my new outlook!
  • Bamboo Basic:  At my last show we discounted some soap that we had in baskets, it was the same soap recipe, just fragrances that weren't as popular, or colors that didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped.   That was my best seller!  So, my husband and I put our heads together and decided to make a "Bamboo Basic" Soap, a less fancy soap, with no special packaging at a lower price.
  • Etsy:  I'm going to give Etsy another try.  I've posted my soap on Etsy before, but they have not done very well, the market is super saturated, and it is very hard to get noticed.  It makes my products more accessible, so I'm going to make it happen.  
  • Arts and Crafts ADD:  My name is Nikki, and I have Arts and Crafts ADD.  I LOVE doing crafts, and I'd like to sell them along side my soap.  
  • Goat Milk Soap:  I've had lots of requests for Goat Milk Soap, and I have stockpiles of goat milk, and I just haven't made it- so I'm going to!
  • Fancy Spa Soap:  I've got tons of additives to make so super fancy spa-type soaps, and I just haven't done it- but I will!
  • Bath Bombs and Soap Cupcakes:  This is another thing that I've had requests for, and I have the ingredients to make, and I just haven't.
  • Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends:  I use essential oils in my soaps whenever possible, but I'd like to carry a line of soaps that use essential oil therapeutic blends.  I have a coworker that swears by them, and has spent years researching the benefits of different essential oils.
Thank you to everyone for your support!  

2014 Funky Finds Spring Fling

Last weekend was the Funky Finds Spring Fling.  My husband and I had a great time! The Funky Finds events are so much fun! This was our third FF event, and each one is better than the last.  There is one terrible thing about them though:  I end up spending most of my profits on all of the cool stuff they have there!

There is the most amazing feeling of community among the vendors, and shoppers. I love seeing familiar faces!  I feel especially warm and fuzzy because of all of the wonderful compliments and feed back I received from shoppers who purchased my soap at one of the previous shows.  

Thank you to everyone for your support!  The next show is in November, and I can't wait!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mary: Patron Saint of Soap

Making soap makes me happy, it is my 'bliss'.  I feel I produce a quality product, and the customer feedback I receive supports that.  But, I have a confession to make:  I'm a terrible sales person!  I tend to 'undersell' my products, because I don't want people to feel pressured, and I don't want to seem pushy.

Last week a friend of mine, named Mary ordered some soap from me.  She picked it up, and no more than an hour later I received a Facebook message from her saying "Call Me!"   Nervously, I gave her a call, not sure what to expect...

On the way home with the bag of soap, her daughter opened it, and they both were very happy with the fragrances.  They started talking about places in town that they thought should sell my soap.  When they got home, they tried out the soap and loved it!  So- Mary being the little bundle of awesomeness she is, actually called one of the stores they had talked about, and told them about my soap!  

When I called Mary she told me all of this, and gave me the contact name of the buyer for a small locally owned chain of stores that sells cool furniture, home decor, candles, housewares, etc.  I NEVER would have had the courage to do that on my own.  Mary believed in me, and my product, and it made me brave.

I called the lady the next day, and she agreed to look at my soap.  I took a humble basket of soap to her, she looked at it- but cautioned that they have never had any luck selling soap, she was preparing me to be turned down.  I could feel it, I partially expected it, so it was ok.  She took each bar out of the basket, and said my packaging was cute, and then she said that it smelled good.  She said she would show it to the candle and soap person, and she would call me the next day.   I didn't hear from her for 4 or 5 days...

She called me on Tuesday morning to place a small order of soap!  She wants to see how well it sells before they make a larger purchase.  I'm so excited, and I'm so thankful for Mary!  Sometimes I just need a swift kick to get me going.

Thank you Mary!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wood Worx by John

I feel it is very important to support local independently owned businesses, restaurants, artists, farmers, etc.  I am always on the look out for things to use at craft shows, and so I contacted a local craftsman that specializes in handcrafted wooden designs, and I asked him to make my logo out of wood, and I got it in the mail today, and I could not be more pleased!  He did such an amazing job, that I've already started to think of other things I'd like to get him to make!  I cannot recommend him highly enough!  His name is John, and his company is Wood Worx by John: 

I cannot wait to display this at my next craft show!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cleburne Spring Fling~ April 6, 2013

Today was the Spring Fling in Cleburne.  I had a great time, I met a lot of awesome people, and I even sold some soap!  If we met today in Cleburne- please 'like' my facebook page (there is a tab at the top of the page) so we can keep in touch!  I'd also love to hear what you think of my soap!